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Ten Minute Heist JS

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    Evan Grim

My first ever JavaScript project, archived here for posterity (or at least sentimentality). Ten Minute Heist is a card game by Nick Sibicky.

It took me about 3 weeks to read through Douglas Crockford's JavaScript, the Good Parts, work through Wes Bos' JavaScript 30, and then build this.

I built this to prove I could skip a year of bootcamp curriculum, but it was actually enough to land my first fulltime role!

Play Ten Minute Heist JS

Someday I'd enjoy building a network-playable version using React.

Screenshot of Ten Minute Heist JS, a learning project implementing the board game

Play Ten Minute Heist JS

What am I Looking at?

  • Player tokens (circled numbers) indicate each player's position on the board, which determines legal next moves
  • The primary play area is a grid of cards; each may include a Suit, Value, Curses, Title and Special Effects (not implemented)
    • Suit is encoded as both a letter and a color.
    • Value is in the top left.
    • Some cards have multiple suits or values.
  • The sidebar (right) shows cards each player has collected (public information)
  • The top bar shows score leaders in each category of scoring (each suit, each value, and curses)


  • Players alternate turns, selecting a card to take and moving their pawn to that position
  • A player may move "down" the tower as far as desired, but not back up
  • Score categories are determined like this:
    • suits: sum of values on cards matching suit, e.g. I have a red "5" and a red "4", so my score for red is 9
    • values: count of cards with given value among all cards, e.g. I have four "5" cards
    • curses: count of curse tokens among all cards, e.g. I have a card with one curse (C) and another with two curses (CC), so I have 3 curses

I never implemented card-specific logic for special effects.

I also never implemented the logic to actually count the score and end the game. In game rules, players earn rewards (or penalties) for exiting the tower (earlier is better; once they've exited, they can't collect any more cards).

The Board Game

Ten Minute Heist is a set collection game with a race element and a bit of a "press your luck" feeling. It is not a game of luck, but it's very dramatic, because it's difficult to predict the outcome as players respond to each others' bids to control various sets. It's quick and fun, yet you could probably spend significant time analyzing a given situation.

Ten Minute Heist board game banner from kickstarter